Dagny’s Bucket List

  1. Eat bacon
  2. Visit another country
  3. Get married
  4. Have whiskey
  5. Eat chocolate
  6. Meet a celebrity
  7. Go sledding
  8. Google yourself
  9. Wear a pajetter (pajama sweater)
  10. Wear a pajoga (pajama toga)
  11. Wear a pajini (pajama bikini)
  12. Live to 16
  13. Swing on a swing
  14. Slide on a slide
  15. Learn 5 tricks
  16. Eat Breakfast in Bed
  17. Fly on a plane
  18. Go to college
  19. Have a near-death-experience
  20. Go to another continent
  21. Try dog yoga (doga)
  22. Take a cruise
  23. Compete in a dog show
  24. Visit a national park
  25. Be in a movie
  26. Be a model
  27. March in a parade
  28. Hike the Triple Crown
  29. Become an Emotional Support Dog
  30. Go geocaching
  31. Go to the beach
  32. Stay at a luxury pet resort
  33. Stay at a ratty motel
  34. Jump on a trampoline
  35. Order food at a drive-thru
  36. Make PUPsicles
  37. Go ice skating
  38. Play in the snow
  39. Go camping
  40. Break a world record
  41. Play piano
  42. Host a birthday party
  43. Attend a birthday party
  44. Dress in a fun costume
  45. Attend an MLB game
  46. Discover my DNA
  47. Watch Marley and Me
  48. Create a dog masterpiece
  49. Drink wine
  50. Play in the sand
  51. Visit That Pet Place
  52. Try Zorbing
  53. Take a mud bath
  54. Make a stepping stone
  55. Walk down the aisle at a wedding
  56. Audition for Who Let the Dogs Out
  57. Play with poop
  58. Cheat on my husband
  59. Get in a fist fight
  60. Get my own holiday
  61. Go swimming

I hope I can do all of them! – Dagny


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2 responses to “Dagny’s Bucket List”

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says :

    OMG! Get out and have some bacon right now! !😉
    Ella Says: I myself have had bacon before, but my dog hasn’t. Gonna go get her some ASAP!!! 🙂

  2. Lizzy l says :

    I’d love to take Dagny on vacation with me! That way she can cross off 5 things!😉

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