The Cup WRONG!

No, this is not the Cup Song. It’s the Cup WRONG, because it is just so wrong and bizarre, you won’t believe it.

Niko, his friend and I were driving home from Missouri, and Niko had to pee. He insisted that he not pee in a bush or toilet, but he insisted on a cup. He tried to pee in a water bottle, but Mom said no. He tried to pee his pants, but we all said “Please don’t”, so he held it.

“IgottapeeIgottapeeIgottaPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”, he would scream over and over.

Then we went to McDonald’s (I didn’t get anything to eat. McDonald’s is absolutely revolting!), but Niko did not pee.

Instead, he cried, “I’m going!”, when we got back into the car. “Goin’, goin’, goin’…I went!”, he shouted. 

“No!”, Mom bellowed.

“Ew”, his friend giggled.

“Really?”, I asked. 

Niko’s friend’s mom just grunted a little bit.

And it was true. He had peed in a cup.

And then he paraded around the house so proudly you’d think he’d invented something.


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