Horrifying Moments From Famous Kids’ Movies

1. Dumbo Dancing Elephants


Horrifying Because: A baby elephant gets drunk. And the music in this scene is terrible. Of course, this will ruin your childhood.

2. Pinocchio Gambling Island


Horrifying Because: Children learn to drink, gamble, swear and smoke here. And then comes Part 2.

3. Pinocchio Gambling Island Part 2


Horrifying Because: Once these hundreds of children become donkeys, they are sold to the salt mine, where they will live the rest of their depressing lives in slavery.

4.  The Brave Little Toaster AC Death


Horrifying Because: The AC gets so upset about his AC problems that he burns himself to death by accident. OMG, horrifying enough?

5. The Brave Little Toaster Clown


Horrifying Because: It’s a clown. It’s awful. It’s horrifying. It’s a clown.

6. Willy Wonka Psychotic Boat Ride


Horrifying Because: After Whats-His-Face drowns in chocolate, Willy Wonka takes the remaining kids down a river on this boat, where he reveals himself to be a freakin’ psychopath.


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