Target: The Heart of Gender Stereotypes?

I was shopping at a local Target this afternoon, and I noticed something while passing the Girls’ clothing sections: All of the clothes were either dresses, pink and purple, unreasonably fuzzy, puffy or lacy, had pictures of fairies or princesses on them, or covered with rainbows or sappy-looking bunnies, or peace signs and hearts and flowers, or they were overly sparkly and far too beaded. There was nothing that shouted out “athletic”, not much that any girl over five would wear (no offense, Yiayia: The clothes you buy me are really, really nice ones!). A lot of the clothes were cute, but it seemed way too stereotypical to me. If an adult gives some clothes from Target to a girl, it’s like saying, “Here, wear this. You’re a fashionista; you like princesses. Your favorite color is pink and you are unnaturally obsessed with hearts and fuzzy cats.” It’s really sort of careless. My eyes lit up when I saw a pair or Chicago Bears pajama pants: No more stereotypes and labels! However, when I came closer, it actually said, “Boys’ pajama pants size S.” It was highly disappointing. Which gives way to the question: Is Target the guilty culprit of causing gender stereotypes?


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