I remember how FTSOA was born:

My aunt had a cocktail blog. I wanted to make a blog, too. 

“Why do you want a blog?”, Mom asked.

“I dunno. Just for the sake of awesomeness, I guess.” The I smiled. “Hey, that’s a good name!” 

Thus began a legacy of awesome.

That was 365 days ago.

21 followers ago.

1 year ago.

Dear All my Followers, Likers and Viewers:

I love you. You are awesome. Thank you.

Yours awesomely,

Ella 🙂

Happy birthday, FTSOA.



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One response to “CyBirthday!”

  1. Felicia says :

    FTSOA and Holden share the same day!!! Awesome!!! Love you Ella. F. Happy bday FTSAO!!

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