In Loving Memory…The 1-Year Mark of the Sandy Hook Massacre

This post will be in loving memory of the 26 people who were fatally shot one year ago at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut. Anybody out there who’s reading this, please pray for the families of the victims. 

I just wanted to say that today is the one-year mark of the Sandy Hook massacre in which twenty children and six adults were shot and killed. I know most people would say “anniversary”, but I’m not going to. An anniversary is a celebration, like a happy marriage or a birthday. This was something truly awful.

I also want to say that the six adults who sacrificed themselves for their students were truly amazing people. They were willing to die, to give up their lives that they will never get back, for these children. I never met any of these people, but they were incredibly inspiring, wonderful people, and they still are. So, thank you to those six people.

The twenty children who died were also a terrible loss. I’m sure that they would all have grown up to be great, awe-inspiring human beings. It is really horrible that they had to die, just because one bad person had a problem. I know their parents and family still feel like they want to scream and cry, and I know that feeling. I hope that their families will be able to get through this and always keep their own little angel in both heart and mind.

This was a horrific event. It’s appalling that this happened. It’s incredibly tragic. If the families of the adults and children who died are reading this, I want to say that I’m sorry this had to happen to them. If I could turn back time and stop this from happening, I would.

But I can’t. And I am so, so sad that this happened.

And I know that I speak for everyone on this planet when I say they will be missed.



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