The Ultimate Snowdown

Today, Michael and I went to the park together to play in the snow. The park was completely vacant except for us and a few stray teens who were hanging out at the park. Because Niko – fine. I’ll say it. I’m sick of calling him Michael anyways. His name is Niko – and I enjoyed having the park to ourselves, we decided to wage war on the teenagers.

Thus began a legacy.

“We declare war!”, I screamed as Niko and I ran away after firing a snowball into the distance, only as a threat.

The girl with a yellow jacket began packing a large snowball. So did the two boys in red sweaters, the other girl in grey, and the boy wearing a grey sweater.

“Attack!”, I shouted, hurling a snowball. It missed by a hair, skimming Yellow-Jacket Girl’s hair. I threw a few more at the short boy in red and the kid in grey.

Grey-Coat Girl backed away.

“What?”, I sneered. “You afraid of a little girl?”

“I would be if you could aim”, the girl in the yellow jacket replied. I answered her with a throw to the back of the head.

I ran away to catch my breath and get some more snowballs, with Niko trailing after me.

“We got this”, I panted, scooping up some snow. “They’re afraid.”

“Yeah”, Niko said, packing a snowball.

Together, we ran back to the teenagers, prepared for battle.

“Prepare to be destroyed!”, I bellowed, running as fast as you can run in snow pants and a heavy coat. Niko fell behind me, but I kept going.

I hit Yellow Jacket Girl in the stomach with a snowball, dodging the tall boy with the red coat. Suddenly, I heard a wisssssssh as a snowball skimmed my ear and pelted Red Coat Boy in the shoulder.

I looked back to see Niko running towards me.

Red Coat Boy fell backwards, causing Yellow Jacket Girl and the other Red Coat Boy to run over to him. Meanwhile, Niko sprinkled snow on RCB’s face, smiling sheepishly.

Once RCB got up, I heard him say something, and the group of teens walked home, defeated, and Niko and I walked home, ready to face another day.

More wars.

More snowballs.

More triumph.

So don’t mess with me.


Because you will lose.



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