Finding Reality


  1. According to Pixar, the fish that says, “Oh my gosh! Nemo’s swimming out to sea!” is named Kathy.


2.  The reason the name on the goggles is P. Sherman is due to the fact that most of the crew in Finding Nemo is Filipino, and “fisherman” sounds a lot like “P. Sherman” in a Filipino accent.


3.  If you zoom in on the diplomas on the dentist’s wall, you can see what they say.


4.  The movie didn’t start out so sad. The memory of Nemo’s mother’s death was supposed to be shown in flashbacks, but Pixar wanted the viewers to understand Marlin’s overprotectiveness from the start of the movie.


5.  The actor who plays Shane Botwin from “Weeds” plays Nemo. Strangely enough, the actress who plays Nemo’s mother plays Celia in the show, and Marlin is voiced by Shane’s grandfather on the TV show.


6.  Pixar has a habit of referencing older films in their movies. Here’s Buzz LightYear in the dentist’s office.


7.  The turtle is drunk.


8.  And here’s a kid reading an Incredibles comic book. Again, Pixar referencing older films.


9.  Nemo actually first appeared as one of Boo’s toys in Monsters Inc., two years before Finding Nemo was made.


10.  If you look closely, you can see Luigi from Cars in one scene, which would be released 3 years later.


11.  There’s a debate about whether or not this poster of a mouse on a fork represents Ratatouille, which would be released 4 years later.


12.  And, like every movie, the obnoxious Pizza Planet truck makes an entrance.


13.  The diver’s camera read A113, referencing a room used by the animation department. It appears in every film, just like the unusually annoying Pizza Planet truck.


14.  Dory’s nosebleed was the first time ever that blood was shown in a Pixar film.


15.  Speaking of Bruce, the shark was named after what Steven Spielberg called the mechanical shark used in “Jaws”.


16. The phrase “all drains lead to the ocean” is frequently used in the movie, which somehow leads to the popular nickname for the movie “Grinding Nemo”.


17.  The three tiki heads are modeled after 3 Pixar employees.


18.  The seagulls that are even more annoying than the Pizza Planet truck were based off of the evil penguin in the Wallace and Gromit animated short “The Wrong Trousers”.


19.  This scene contains 74,472 jellyfish.


20.  Finding Nemo is the top selling DVD of all time.


21. Sully’s hair and Nemo’s anemone were animated using the same program.


22. Debb’s alter ego is Flo, a reference to “ebb and flow”.


23. The movie was dedicated to Glenn McQueen, for whom Lightning McQueen from Cars was named.


24. Finally, a reminder that Darla is terrifying…And still kind of cute.


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