Repulsive Rapunzel

Tangled is kind of weird. Here’s why.

  1. Has she ever had lice? I mean, her hair is about as long as the John Hancock building is tall. I’ll bet she’s got tons of gross stuff in it. I mean, really, Rapunzel. There’s this great new technology called “haircut”, you should try it! Oh, and washing your hair is very stylish.
  2. In some scenes of the movie, the frying pan goes missing.
  3. In the scene where Rapunzel and Flynn are trapped in the cave, how can Rapunzel swim if she’s been in a tower for 18 years?
  4. How can Rapunzel read if she’s had no education?
  5. Wouldn’t it hurt when people climbed up Rapunzel’s hair? 
  6. How did that chameleon get up to Rapunzel’s tower?
  7. When you watch the movie, you’ll see the outside of the tower is circular. The inside of the tower is circular. There is literally no room in Rapunzel’s tower for a bathroom!
  8. Why is Rapunzel’s tower tall enough to have at least 5 floors but only has one floor?

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