Yesterday’s Trivia

  1. What is the 2013 Word of the Year?
  2. Is Hannukah Christian or Jewish?
  3. What day is Valentine’s Day?
  4. Which book on my Book Reviews page got the lowest rating?
  5. Who sings Waka Waka?
  6. Who wrote Etiquette and Espionage?
  7. What is Project Linus?
  8. What type of cosmetics does Essie make?
  9. Who is Tanya Burr?
  10. How does a “Fortune Fish” work?

About EllaNutella4612

Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

2 responses to “Yesterday’s Trivia”

  1. Fats le bebe says :

    1) Selfie
    2) Jewish
    3) February 14th
    4) Fatso
    5) Shakira
    6) Ralph Cramden
    7) Blankets for poor sick children
    8) Lipstick
    9) The creator of the Spork
    10) Take the bones out of the fish and read it like brail

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