1.  What is the Wendy’s slogan?
  2. Who sings the popular song “Wrecking Ball”?
  3. Who was the first person to ever like a post on my blog (hint: seth -)
  4. Who is Vince Vaughn?
  5. What do all the letters of the alphabet have in common?
  6. When was the most recent transit of Venus?
  7. Who sings “Little Red Corvette?”
  8. What does a fox actually say?
  9. Who wrote Etiquette and Espionage?
  10. What do Steve Jobs and Anne Frank have in common?

About EllaNutella4612

Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

2 responses to “Ready…Set…Answerthequestions!”

  1. Fats le bebe says :

    1) It’s better than fast food, its wendys
    2) Miley Cyrus
    3) Uncle Mike!!!
    4) Actor, comedian
    5) they are all letters
    6) 2011
    7) Prince
    8) Nnnn, Nnnn Nnnn Nnnn NANG
    9) Justin Bieber
    10) They are both dead 😦

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