Close Call

A few days ago, FTSOA was placed in grave and treacherous danger – this precious blog was absolutely on the brink of death.
It started with a small misunderstanding regarding Internet safety and privacy. A user had asked me to email them (not pointing fingers!) and I said maybe we could talk via comments on the blog.
When my mother saw this, she was enraged.
Suddenly, she said it.
“How do you delete this blog?”, she asked.
I was terrified.
“Um, I don’t know”, I answered truthfully. “I guess that once the blog’s up, it’s up.”
Luckily, it was late at night, with the moon shining brighter than any diamond and even the crickets were hopping into their tiny cricket beds, getting ready for bed. I swear, the sun was rising already.
Mom gave up then.
“Okay”, she muttered. “Good night.”
And that was that.
So, users, be grateful – this blog’s walking a fine, fine line. :/


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