Personal Injury

Hi. My name is Bob, and I am Barbie’s boyfriend.

Oh, you know Barbie, right? The one who lost both her legs? Yeah, that’s my girlfriend. I forgot to mention that she never got her legs back. She’s in a wheelchair now, poor girl.

I am also injured, proving right the quote, “Great dates have the same fate.” Let me tell you about myself.

I was twenty-nine when I died. I was burned in a house fire when my fireplace went berserk. 

That was actually in 1856.

In 1985, I woke up in Ella’s yard.


Not knowing where I was, I began exploring the place. 


When I was about fifteen years dead, I met Barbie. She was beautiful.

We began dating, however, we rarely saw each other.

Oh, did I mention? I live in Ella’s attic, as a Halloween decoration. Yeah, I know, the whole “spooky” concept. I’m really a very playful dude.


One day, I received some horrible news. Both of Barbie’s legs were ripped off. She was lucky to be alive. It was horrifying. Instantly, I ran outside and tried not to cry.Image


Well, a few days ago, I was outside when all of a sudden, I was kidnapped! Michael’s friend picked me up and began running around with me and throwing me. 

Suddenly, my arm came off.

Thankfully, Dr. Ella and Nurse Dagny put it on with a cast. I was rushed to the hospital and am now okay, except for my (literally) broken arm.

See you later! 🙂



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