Let’s play a game of I Spy – In Dagny’s dream playhouse. Are you ready?


  1. The cow
  2. James the Train
  3. The pink Disney princesses phone
  4. The wheel
  5. The toy drumstick
  6. The cow
  7. The yellow elf




  1. The pink AND green toy phones
  2. One of the five Little People
  3. A tower of wooden blocks
  4. Figment’s T-Shit
  5. A brown train with (thank heavens!) no face
  6. Three plastic Chicken McNuggets (hint: they’re all together)
  7. One Troublesome Truck toy
  8. The box of apples
  9. A cow
  10. A toy McDonald’s cup
  11. A stack of hay
  12. A wooden parrot


Photo on 9-18-13 at 6.08 PM


  1. The real phone
  2. A toy ambulance
  3. A Toula’s lip balm
  4. A sketch pad
  5. A Little People toy
  6. A small Thomas the Tank Engine toy
  7. A yellow triangle block
  8. A yellow elf (again)
  9. That cow
  10. A Littlest Pet Shop keychain (a box, not an animal)
  11. A blue rectangle brick
  12. Annie the train
  13. A toy stone wall
  14. A baby turtle so broken, you can’t tell what it is
  15. A Troublesome Truck toy

Good luck! Feel free to ask for help in the comments, and help other people! 🙂


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