Post-Party Blues

I just got back from my awesome birthday party – it was so fun! I had it at theWit in downtown Chicago, went shopping with my friends, and more! We stayed up until 2:30 am watching Bride Wars and Miss Congeniality! It was the best party ever – I didn’t want it to end!

So, why am I upset now?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s the Post-Party Blues.

It starts when you pack up and leave the hotel. It creeps up on you, just a lighthearted, happy, I wish it were longer feeling. 

But watch out – it grows.

When you’re dropping your friends off at their houses, it’s that slightly sad feeling, WHY does it have to end? sort of thing.

When you drive home with your mom and brother, it’s now this stinks. This so, so stinks.

When you are home and all there really is to do is unpack and shower, it’s eating away at you. You’re battling tears and saying it’s allergies, bored and melancholy, almost wishing that you were someone else. It’s gray and rainy, piling on more sadness. You’re now sure you wish you were someone else – it’s harder when the party’s yours. There’s school tomorrow, you have homework, your brother is perfectly happy, your dog is insanely giddy, and you’ve read all the new horror stories. You’re not sure if you wish the day were over or if you were still anticipating the party – or even if you had missed it completely. 

But then, you see you have three new emails. You see one is from a friend of yours. You smile, and the Blues lift.

After that, you feel better.


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