Hey guys!!! It’s Ella, and I’m going to be starting a new project soon! I’m calling it “Virus”.

I need you to somehow spread the word about FTSOA: Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace or Tumblr would work (it’s easy to post the URL on one of these social websites). You can write it down on a slip of paper (make sure it’s easy to read!!!) and “drop” it on the sidewalk, train to work, bus, museum, school, etc. It’s also easy to tell your friends and ask them to spread the word. Write the URL on a sticker and stick it somewhere, go door-to-door with ads for FTSOA, put a Post-It note in a library book, on a Kid’s Menu at a restaurant for the waiter to see, type the URL into a public computer and “forget” to close the tab, put signs on trees, or write it on a desk! Your own ideas are totally acceptable – this might have been my idea, but I’m letting you guys put a spin on it! It’s yours now. 🙂 Go have fun with this one – the possibilities are endless (but it would help to write that it’s safe for kids, too)!

Have a great day!


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Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

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