Get Me Out of Here

Help me, I’m dying. No, it’s not a horror movie, it’s an introduction to my side of the mountain about middle school.

What types of kids will be graduating in 2015 with me? Let’s see:

  • TV Freaks. 
  • Bulgy-eyed Freakasauri.
  • Crush-Crazy Kids.
  • Kids Who Call their Teacher “Hot”.
  • The Kids Who Just LO-OVE their Homework.
  • The Kids Who Throw Food in the Cafeteria.
  • Liars Trying to Impress.
  • Kids Who Just Don’t Wanna Grow Up (I feel that way a lot too 😀 )
  • The Kids Who Are All, “C’mon, grow up!” (Not really “me”)
  • The Puppy-Obsessed (I am the Queen of Puppyobsession!)
  • The Little-Kid Obsessed (me too!)
  • StalKids (kids that are stalkers).

Well, that’s the end of this crazy, chaotic list. Remember, each and every one of these kids is awesome in their own special way! 😀


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