Huff, huff, huff… AAAAAAUUUUGH!!!!

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hu-hu-hu-ha. I gasped for air as I ran down the trail at my second Cross-Country Race. I was in – hmm, fifteenth place? Not bad, maybe I could get into the single-digit rankings, and take home first place.

Suddenly, I felt something smooth and rubbery in my hand. I looked down, running, and, to my horror, it was a bee.

I winced as it dug its stinger into my middle finger. Soon, the pain got so bad, I ran off the track, trying to shake the bee off of my finger.

I was crying when the AthletiCo woman found me. I got some medicine for my finger, which I was grateful for, but, sadly, I was unable to keep running.

Darn it. Maybe I could’ve won. 😦


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Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

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