Since today’s our last day of summer break, and we’ve already got the Post-Summer Blues (at least, do), I thought it’d be nice to give off a recap of the summer. Who knows, maybe it’ll give you some vacation ideas for next year!


Up until July, the six of us (Daggy-Wags included) were hanging around, doing nothing much. Michael was sick on the Fourth of July. We had to act quick. He really wanted to go to the fireworks. While he was taking a shower, Mom and I drove over to OPRF and watched the fireworks. Five minutes prior to the show, Mom received a text message: Michael and Dad were at the park (no, not playground), watching the show. AWESOME-O-METER: 76%


In Oxford, Ohio, Michael went to a hockey camp. Mom and I got a hotel, painted some ceramic stuff, learned that the local theater was shut down, rode horses, went hiking, visited another college campus, and left Dagny with relatives. AWESOME-O-METER: 94%


AT Utah, we went whitewater rafting, fly-fished (I caught the most fish), wished we had brought Dagny with us instead of leaving her with our handyman or whatever he is, went swimming, got a two-floor hotel room, Michael and I made some fake poop and put it on the toilet seat, went to the Park City museum, got lost in the woods, which were in the mountains during a small thunderstorm, where it was too high up to breathe comfortably, I laughed too hard and wet my pants, Michael wet the bed, Tyler kept banging his head on the granite countertop over his bed, and I think I speak for all us when I say we were sad to leave. AWESOME-O-METER: 97%


Michael didn’t really take any camps. I, however, went to more than ten camps at Constructive Chaos. AWESOME-O-METER: 85%


We took Dagny with us to Sheboygan Falls to visit our relatives for the weekend. Baby Holden got a lot bigger, McKenna grew unusually but adorably attached to Dagny’s plastic bone, and Michael and I took McKenna and Dagny to a totally abandoned playground, went to McKenna’s pool, which was freezing cold, played with bubbles, and I dunked Michael into the water. AWESOME-O-METER: 97%


For three days, we stayed at Iowa to drop Tyler off at college. We had our own balcony, where I found something inexplicably disturbing, I cried myself to sleep when we dropped Tyler off at college, got one final picture of eighteen-year-old Tyler with six-month-old Dagny, who pooped on the sidewalk, then we drove home and watched The Iron Giant in the car. AWESOME-O-METER: 77% because I’m going to miss Tyler so @#$%!*&ing much


We had a block party on the second-to-last day of summer. Carson and I drove Queen Dagny around in her “royal carriage” (an old wagon), a girl named Violet and I brought water balloons into the bouncy house, which had become a disaster area due to a boy named Daniel who kept pulling the roof down, made two toddlers run out of the bounce-house crying, almost broke my neck (and KG’s too), kept nosing into our business (KG had every right in the world to slap him), and tried to pour a cup of pink lemonade on KG’s head, pelted us with water balloons, but still didn’t ruin the whole thing. We made water balloons to play Catch with, attacked Michael and his pals, played Ghost in the Graveyard (a tradition on our block), drank pink lemonade, drew chalk pictures, rode bikes, watched the Princess Bride (you haven’t lived until you’ve seen it), had cookies, and really, just enjoyed it all.

Tomorrow is the first day of middle school. Last year, when school got out, I thought to myself:

I’ll never make it through the year.

But now, after info night, I realize how easy this is going to be.

Now, I think to myself:

I actually might survive the year.

Wish me luck. Have fun at school – hope you enjoyed your summer!


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One response to “AWEsummer!”

  1. F says :

    Sounds like a great summer…. Wait….. I meant Awesome summer!!! Have a great first day of school tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

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