50 Shades of Grey


  1. Find paper in many different shades of grey (you can find some at a paint store like Benjamin-Moore or that Pittsburg one). It doesn’t have to be fifty. 
  2. Draw a picture (any picture, it can be as basic as a cartoon flower or as intricate as a photorealistic picture of the floorboards in your living room). Make sure to draw it in pencil and only pencil. No pen. No marker. No crayon. No colored pencil. Just a normal grey pencil will do.
  3. Trace the exact same design on the gray paper. Cut out a piece of it (i.e., if I had drawn a sunflower, I would trace, not copy it onto the gray paper and only cut out one petal. TIP: You can use a printer to copy the picture onto a grey paper.
  4. Glue the piece of paper (i.e., the grey flower petal) onto the white paper (onto the white petal. EXAMPLE: If I cut out the top petal on the grey paper, I would glue my grey petal onto the top white petal).
  5. Repeat with different shades of grey and different parts of your picture (i.e., the flower’s leaves, the stem, its center). You can also do this with colored paper.

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