Survival of the Desperate

Yesterday, my family and I went on a harmless little hike in Utah, where we stayed for vacation. Normal, right?

Not hardly.

First, it was pretty okay. Sure, cloudy sky, little drizzle, et cetera. Typical.

But then, we saw a sign that said: Mirror Lake: 13.5 M, Duchene Tunnel Rd, 3 M, Pinto Lake, 4 M.

Well, the walk from Mirror Lake was long as is, and all we wanted was civilization, so we made a run for Duchene.

Hours later, we saw our first car in what felt like years.

However, it was either abandoned or its owner was out fishing. We trudged on, until finally we waved a car down.

“Hey, we were taking a hike, my family and I”, began my dad, “and we’ve been out here for hours, where’s the Duchene Tunnel Road? (or something like that)”.

“Oh, it’s only three miles, it’s a half hour away, we’ve been driving a mile an hour…” The woman trailed off.

“Okay, thank you”, Dad wheezed as Mom petted the little black puppy in the passenger’s seat.

Hours later, we heard no cars. No people other than ourselves. All I heard was the one thought running over and over again in my head…

I’m going to die.

I was exhausted. I couldn’t breathe. It was getting dark out. We had no food and no water. It was at least 7:30 pm. We had a horribly long way to go. We were cold, no jackets, in the middle of nowhere for eight hours on end, no food, no water. I kept hearing animals walking around in the forest. The rocks were hard and sharp, the river was full of mold and dirt, so we couldn’t drink it. All we had was each other, and four empty water bottles.

We wouldn’t have made it if that black-blue truck and white RV hadn’t come bouncing down the road. We waved it down, and the men inside offered us a ride to Mirror Lake.

I was overjoyed.

The man driving the car introduced himself as Eric, his wife was named Carrie, his son Liam, and his daughter’s name I couldn’t collect. The other man was anonymous to me as well.

Liam kept slapping his flip-flops together and telling some cute little jokes, such as:

  • Q. Why did the tree sneak into the truck? A: Because it wanted to eat all the food.
  • Q. Why did the bear sneak into the truck? A: Because it wanted to eat all the food.
  • Q. Why did the cheeseburger run away? A. Because the window was chasing it.
  • Q. Why did the giant run away? A. Because the truck was chasing after it.

Liam was adorable. He was about four or five and he had the sweetest little attitude.

By the time Eric dropped us off at Mirror Lake, we were all so incredibly grateful. We probably would have died without him. This was something none of us could ever possibly forget.

And it’s hard to forget, too, when you wake up and your back is sore.

So, so sore.


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