The Not-So -Dreaded Day

Today is the (not-so) dreaded day when Michael’s hair took a turn for the better, and his bed a turn for the worse (he wet the bed, and ON ME!!!!!! 😡 ).

He cut off his dreadlock.

Once a gorgeous ringlet, the golden curl of sunshine slowly transformed into a wretched, gnarled dread. The family was horrified by it.

Until today.

Michael came running downstairs happily, holding something that looked like lint.

He had a new baldspot.

“I cut off my dweadwock (dreadlock)!”, he giggled, holding up the hideous thing.

I touched it.

“Feels like rope”, I said, a disgusted look on my face. “And I can’t believe we’re stuck in the same bed (we’re on vacation)!”

At last, thy dreadlock is gone.

The beast has vanished off of Michael’s head.


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