Goodbye Braces!

Today I got my BRACES OFF! Woo-hoo! 😀 Except I had to get a retainer. 😦 Meh, it’s okay. Except I’m fighting the urge to chew on it. 😛

It fell out twice while I was doing handstands in my friend/neighbor’s, Carson’s, backyard. And yes, I know it was raining. We were birdwatching. With Michael, and Carson’s brother.

And yes, I know I sound like an idiot.

We were watching Carolina Chickadees.

At least, I think they were Carolina Chickadees. There were three babies and two adults. The adults were gone most of the time, and we actually got to hold the babies: Grumpy, who likes to eat grasshoppers and nothing else, saved Twitchy from falling, falls asleep while eating and is often very grumpy, Twitchy, who twitches a lot and falls very much, and was once saved by Grumpy, and Lost Boy, who gets lost very much, saved both Twitchy and Grumpy from falling, likes piggyback rides and wanders off. He can’t even fend for himself, let alone the others. They like mulberries. Twitchy ate so many her beak turned purple.

Dagny came to watch the birds, too. She was bundled up in a towel like some burrito.

Soon, when it was time to go, Lost Boy wandered off. Mom told us not to touch him, to let him go.

As we walked home, I saw a cat walking in the direction of Carson’s house.

It wasn’t very far away.

Twitchy could have fallen.

Lost Boy could be lost – again.

Grumpy couldn’t fly.

I bolted home, reaching for the phone.

“Carson – there’s a cat coming towards your house”, I panted.

Before I hung up, I heard, “We can’t find – “.

Oh, gosh, I thought. Lost Boy!

I prayed no one would hurt him. I waited.

For the rest of the day, was okay. I had forgotten about Lost Boy.

Suddenly, my mom showed me a picture sent by Carson’s mom via text message (not included).

Minutes later, Carson’s mom texted again:

We found Lost Boy!!!

For the rest of the day, I was content.

Lost Boy had become Found Boy.




Braces, no-braces, retainer!

UPDATE: Twitchy has died. She broke her neck and we had a funeral for her at the little cemetery in Mrs. F’s garden. We call it “Safe and Sound”. Bye, Twitchy. Stay safe and sound. 😦


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