Lizzy is most bizarre person I have ever met! She runs around Oak Park Ave. in a multi-colored wig yelling, “Narnia use your telescope!” and yodels in weird accents. She also likes to eat paper. She put glue on her seat and sat on it in first grade with the principal in the room. She somehow knows what her dog’s butt smells like (her dog sat on her face, apparently), and does a dance called “I Go Round”. I remember Lizzy telling me once that she ate a tub of body scrub in the back of her car. She was going to Minnesota with her “musical uke, and some puke”. But despite all this, she is awesome! 😀 

Photo on 7-23-13 at 12.49 PM

By the way, I warped the picture a little. Just for the sake of it. 😉 Don’t tell Lizzy.



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One response to “Lizzy”

  1. Lizzy l says :

    Ha ha!

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