Now that I think of it, Pinocchio is an absurd film. Allow me to express myself:

  1. Pinocchio is made of wood. He walks. He talks. He eats. That is not logical. He is a toy! plaything! doll!  None of that movie would have even happened if it were realistic.
  2. But, it did happen. I’m sorry to repeat. “He walks. He talks. He eats.”  If he eats, why doesn’t he go to the bathroom?
  3. Foxes/cats/whatever they are can’t walk, talk, or wear clothes.
  4. Crickets do not talk, walk on their hind legs, or wear clothing.
  5. Whales aren’t carnivores, if I’m correct.
  6. I think I’ve proved my point.

– £¬¬å †˙´ å∑´ßøµ´

Ella the Awesome


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