3 for 1

This is a special post. In July, for my family, the celebration doesn’t end after Independence Day – we still have two more days of partying to go! Here’s the inside scoop.

July 4: We went to the fireworks and sat in the street. It was crowded. We watched, entranced, by the beauty of the fireworks. It was as if the stars were shattering to pieces and falling from the heavens. I can barely remember it.

July 5: My dad’s birthday. There’s not much to say about it, because we all treated it like a normal day (don’t worry, my dad didn’t really seem to care that we acted this way). We went out to dinner at Duckfat/Fatduck. That was it.

I’d write more about it, but I can barely remember it.

July 6: My birthday. I tried to avoid attention, but it was no use. My friend KG came over and so did my cousins and grandma. I boycotted making my bed (“Two days ago, we were re-declared a free country – and for the 230th time!”, I said to Mom. “I have the freedom to not make my bed!”) and had my older brother throw a huge, heavy pink reading-pillow-thing at me (I crashed into the wall at that point with my 2-year-old cousin behind me at that point). It was awesome.

That’s all, folks!



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