What letter of the alphabet are YOU (WARNING: Dangerously stupid. May endanger mental and physical health.)?

1. You go to the grocery store one day and a fat man ‘cuts’ ahead of you in line. You:

a) Fly into an outrage, shouting and swearing.

b) Ignore him and calmly continue.

c) Roll your eyes and ignore him.

d) Say politely, “Excuse me, I was ahead of you”, and wait for a reaction.

2. You see a kitten in an alley with no tags. What do you do?

a) Grunt and kick the cat.

b) Ignore him and calmly continue.

c) Toss it some bread and carry on.

d) Try to catch it and keep it as a pet.

3. Which quote warms your heart the most?

a) Go die in a hole. ~ Whoever said “go die in a hole” first

b) Whatever. ~ Whoever said “whatever” first

c) I long for Doritos. ~ Ella (me)

d) One always returns to one’s first loves. ~ Henri Etienne

4. Which of these songs do you like the most?

a) Moves like Jagger (I HATE that song!!!!!!!)

b) One More Night (fairly obnoxious)

c) Listen to Your Heart (pretty good)

d) Little Talks (AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!)

5. Pick a word.

a) (whatever swearword comes to mind)

b) Whatever.

c) Kittykat

d) Bobbledyboop (is that even a word?)


Mostly a’s: You are the letter A!

Mostly b’s: You are the letter B!

Mostly c’s: You are the letter C!

Mostly d’s: You are the letter D!


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Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

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