Mom, Can We Get a Puppy?: 10 Good Reasons to Get a Dog


You may have heard or asked this phrase many times before. But before giving in (or asking again), look into these reasons (and a highly recommendable breed) listed:

10 Reasons to Get a Dog

  1. Dog owners tend to be more physically active and are less likely to get heart problems.
  2. Dog breeders often pre-potty train their dogs.
  3. Dogs decrease stress, depression, and constant anger or sadness.
  4. Dogs increase self-esteem.
  5. Dogs increase responsibility.
  6. Dogs teach children that, like humans, they need food, water, and shelter, creating a mimi science-lesson.
  7. Dogs are awesome.
  8. Dogs get kids off the couch and outside, making them more physically active.
  9. Did I mention that dogs are awesome?
  10. And, as I said to my dad, “Because I said so. And that’s a good enough answer for you.”

Bichon Shih-tzus: The Best Breed?

Another list! This one says why bichon shih-tzus, or “Teddy Bears”, are a good breed.

  1. They don’t shed.
  2. They’re gosh-darn adorable.
  3. They’re good with kids.
  4. EVERYONE’S FAVORITE! If bichon shih-tzus are housebroken correctly, they’ll be “going” outside in no time!
  5. Bichon shih-tzus aren’t as hyper or vicious as other dogs (if at all). Trust me. I’ve had experience with Swagny (yes, that’s her nickname. It takes a lot of “swag”, or ego, to pee on our dining room rug. But that’s just because Dad disciplined her wrong. He SMACKED her, for crying out loud!!!).

These photos show the wonderful time we’ve had so far with our bichon shih-tzu puppy, “Swagny”.

ImageThis is me and my friend KG holding Dagny after her hose-bath. I wasn’t sure if KG wanted her full picture on the Internet, so I cut out her eyes (that sounds weird).

ImageSwagny poses for the “Paranoid Puppy” photoshoot.

ImageSwagny and I in the yard.

So, before you answer “No” when the kids ask you for a puppy, weigh the odds. Weigh the odds.


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