Last night was tragic.

Screaming. Crying. Vowing revenge. Anger. Sadness. Frustration. Disgust.

For some, it was victory.

Cheering. Whooping. Clapping. Rejoicing. Happiness. Relaxation. Relish.

I sat at the table, my fists clenched into balls. My eyes were bigger than the circle of the sun. I gritted my teeth, trying to keep calm.

Suddenly, a group across from us stood up, cheering and waving their napkins. One threw a wing in the air.

“What happened?”, I asked. “He saved it?”

“No”, Mom said grimly. “They scored.”

I crumpled to my knees, screaming.

“No!”, I screamed.  “This – is – not – legal!”

“Come on”, said Mom, standing up. “Let’s go.”

Before we sulked out of Buffalo Wild Wings, I went to another Bruins fans’ table, and whispered:

“Someday you’ll go far – I hope you stay there.”

Would you like some ice for that burn? 😉


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