How Awesome Are YOU?

Okay. This is a kind of stupid quiz (it’s my first), so here goes:

1. You see a link to an awesome blog on a piece of paper lying on the ground. You:

a) Pick it up, take it home, tape it on your door, go on the blog, follow it and tell all your friends

b) Pick it up, memorize it and go on the blog

c) Don’t pick it up (what if there’s bacteria on it?!) but go on the blog, finding it rather stupid

d) Rip it up and don’t go on the blog

2. Pick one:


b) Ice Cream

c) Ice Cubes

d) McDonald’s

3. Your dream house would have:

a) All of the below

b) Aquarium-walls (giant fish tanks as your ceiling, walls, and floor)

c) An anti-gravity room

d) A bed

4. Which would you NOT want to be stuck in a room with?

a) A worm with fangs and claws

b) A spiky-haired blob of evil

c) A screaming demon

d) An alligator who eats marbles

5. Pick one:

a) A puppy with some SWAG

b) A puppy who loves children a little too much

c) A goldfish who died the very next day

d) A cat who terrorizes the locals


Mostly a’s: YOU’RE EPIC AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Mostly b’s: You rock! *Fist-bump* 😀

Mostly c’s: You’re pretty cool! 😉

Mostly d’s: You’re cool, dude. You’re cool. 🙂 Except for when you ripped up that blog address. You now must pay a fine of $250.00 for that. But other than that, you’re okay.

Well, see you later! BYE EVERYBODY!!!!


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Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

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