Yesterday was the treacherous Blackhawks – Redwings game. Checks, fights, saves and shots, passes and stickhandling, and goals enriched the game, dramatic as was. 

The referee made a horrible call after (why does Saad get a penalty? For taking a beating???) the Hawks scored, but the Redwings had made a comeback, tying the game 1 – 1. The Hawks would have won without that awful call, but instead…

We went into overtime.

PHEW! You thought I was going to say the Redwings won. Thankfully, no. 

We had more shots, misses, and saves, and as time ran out, I hugged my pillow tighter and tighter, nauseously watching the TV screen. 

I used to think Toews was my favorite player. Now, I’m rethinking that.

“STALBERG SCORED! STALBERG SCORED!!!”, my Dad screamed. I felt a wave of relief, rather than excitement, rush over me. I looked over at Mom. She looked like a crazy mental patient.

And that, my dear friends, is how we won Game 7 in the Detroit – Chicago mess in the 2013 playoffs.


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