3rd Period

Because over the weekend was my math teacher’s birthday (Happy birthday Mr. R!), I decided to write down all the things I like about him (and his class):

  1. Mr. R rarely gets angry.
  2. He’s a REALLY NICE teacher.
  3. He doesn’t put pressure on the class.
  4. He’s the only teacher who makes math fun (or easy to understand. Up until last year I was wondering, “What the bleep is a variable?”)
  5. He’s a REALLY NICE teacher. In case you were wondering.
  6. He’s really easygoing (I’m not saying he doesn’t give us homework, but whenever I forget to have my mom sign a permission slip, he says, “That’s okay, bring it tomorrow,” and if I STILL forget, he’s okay with it).
  7. He doesn’t favor anyone.
  8. He helps us with our work (but only if we need it), and really cares about it.
  9. He’s only gotten SUPER angry ONCE in the school year, and that kid REALLY deserved it.
  10. He’s friendly.
  11. He doesn’t baby us, or go too hard on us. 
  12. He only teaches us valuable lessons in class.
  13. He’s one of the few teachers who acknowledges bullying.
  14. He’s understanding.
  15. He won’t rub things in (ie, Bobby Joe opens the window without asking, and throws something out of it. Mr. R doesn’t say, five hours later, “I’m going to call your mom”, with a smug grin on his face, like SOMEONE I know, he’ll just say something like, “I’m going to have to call your mom. I expect better behavior from you”, and says it seriously, and he’ll only say it right after Bobby Joe (alias) opens the window).
  16. He helps us the best he can on tests.
  17. He’s organized.
  18. He doesn’t blame students for things he did.
  19. He has a sense of humor.
  20. HE”S AWESOME!!!!!!! Happy birthday Mr. R!!!

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