Please listen carefully to this announcement.

For the Sake of Awesomeness has had a good run. Some say it’s funny, others say it’s cute, and some people say it’s awesome.

But all that is over.

For the Sake of Awesomeness cannot go on, meaning FTSOA only has 13 days to stay. If I can get 10-20 likes on this post in time, then I will keep it running. If not, then the blog will remain here, but no comments will be approved. No new pictures. No new posts. No edits or updates. No more awesome.

So, the fate of FTSOA is in your hands. It’s up to you whether or not it lives on.


About EllaNutella4612

Read the book first and no one gets hurt.


  1. stellarstanton says :

    Please stay, don’t give up now.

  2. hungergameslover101 says :

    You’ll see what this is about…Soon. 😉

  3. hungergameslover101 says :

    I was testing you (not just you, Stellar. I mean anyone who visits the blog).

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