The Truth About Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a depressed, bald boy with no social life and no parents. He lives with his dog who apparently sees himself as the Red Baron and is in love with a bird. He always wears the same outfit. EVERY DAY.

Linus is a strange, Michael-haired boy who is probably narcoleptic due to always carrying a blanket. Based on the thumb-sucking, however, he just might be a few ten years behind mature-wise. His sister is an abusive freak named Lucy.

Pigpen is just unhygienic.

And every other kid is strange.

Oh, well, I guess, behind the truth, the movies are okay…


About EllaNutella4612

Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

2 responses to “The Truth About Charlie Brown”

  1. thisblogrocks says :

    This is hilarious! Can’t stop laughing!!! XD

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