OMG! SO in pain!

My chest is aching and I can barely breathe. You know why? Well, my friends and I made a snowball taller than us on school grounds! AWESOME! But after school, someone made them into a playground and this little kid (I hope he’s reading this so he knows what a selfish little BRAT he is!) slammed into me and threw me off the biggest snowball – then hit a THREE-YEAR-OLD AND A KINDERGARTNER! All three of us, PLUS his – what? FIFTY other victims – ran off screaming in pain and crying. Just ONE little interruption in my best week ever! 😦 I made an audition for Variety Show Announcers AND there was a coyote sighting on our block(s)*. I told that kid what a baby he was being (“No, you didn’t make the big great snowball!” or “No, I’M king of the mountain of devils!”. What a baby, he was like, seven years old. Kings? Big, great snowball? Grow up) and how a three-year-old girl nearly twisted her ankle thanks to him, “the snob!” NOT AWESOME. Thou shalt hate him for the rest of thy life.


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One response to “OMG! SO in pain!”

  1. hungergameslover101 says :

    Actually, I think he was NINE. And he DIDN’T have any developmental issues or disabilities.

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