AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! That was me having an awesome attack! I have reclaimed my glory from first grade! This is awesome! I won first place in the spelling bee! Awesome or WHAT?


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4 responses to “This….Is….AWESOME!!!!!!!!”

  1. Charron's Chatter says :

    Congratulations!! That is BIG! My sister was the speller in our family–and she did quite well, too, and it was such fun to go to the Bee with her, and watch her shine. 🙂

  2. kittenlover12345 says :

    btw i think you know who i am i go ot your school and this is my blog adress please check it out!
    Ella says: What happened? It’s not there anymore. 😦

  3. Fatslebebe says :

    Truly awesome! Way to go out in style at your school. Now you have the confidence to carry that over into your new school!

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