Guest Blogger: My uncle!

Me: What is awesome?

Uncle: Sunny days, Hawaii, food, Italian Ice, My family, Baseball, Da Bears, Snowball fights (ME: I conquered you that one time), Millennium Park, and Fantasy Baseball.

Me: What is not awesome?

Uncle: Flat tires, flu, stepping in dog poop.

Me: Best food?

Uncle: Sushi!

Me: Best day ever?

Uncle: A day on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

Me: Are you awesome?

Uncle: DUH! Yes.

Me: Favorite non-relative?

Uncle: Mark or Joel (friends of his).

Me: Worst website/application?

Uncle: Facebook.

Me: Best thing about the 1980s?

Uncle: Hall & Oates (for all you modern bums who don’t remember your childhood or just weren’t around then, it’s a band).

Me: Worst day ever?

Uncle: The day Papou (Greek for ‘grandpa’, meaning my grandpa) passed on (I so agree. 😦 )

Me: Best Old TV Show?

Uncle: Sein Field.

Me: Worst TV Show?

Uncle: Cop Rock.

Me: Favorite color?

Uncle: Orange (as a kid, he cried when my mom and my uncle/godfather wouldn’t paint Pierre the vicious bird’s cage orange, but they eventually gave in. LOL)

THAT’S ALL, FOLKS! 😀 (Plasters cheesy grin on face)



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One response to “Guest Blogger: My uncle!”

  1. kittenlover12345 says :

    i used to watch sein fied when i was 4 and when i lived in massachusettes! (sighs and thinks of happy memories) (:

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