Spelling Bee

Okay. The school spelling bee is coming up soon, and the same girl has only been beaten once. In first grade, I was second place, but I would have had a chance if I slowed down. I’ll never forgive myself for that. It is a scar on my pride. I’ve been trying so hard to win…the best I’ve gotten since then is sixth place, against kids who don’t pay attention in LA. This is my final year at this school. I want to leave an impression. I want to be…awesome. Somebody please give me pointers/tips on how to regain my pride and reclaim my glory and my true nature: Awesome. I want the first graders, that I report to in Student  Council, to look up to me and be proud. I got fourth place in the Geography bee, my two friends and I rode to first place in the Reading Olympics, and three other friends and I won a $75.00 cash award for an environmental video. Our science fair has no winners. Please help me win this. The spelling bee…well, the regular words…even when I try to fight it off, they are too easy, and leave me too arrogant (I hate being arrogant. Arrogance is for jerks!!!!!!!) for the challenge that I was drawn to. Help me! I feel like no one remembers me, no matter what I’ve done!


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2 responses to “Spelling Bee”

  1. Fatslebebe says :

    of course people remember you! a modest person, like you, just doesn’t realize it. as for pointers for competing, just remember to have poise – stay calm and be confident in your abilities.

    • Fatslebebe says :

      oh and remember to BREATHE!!! a lot of people forget to do this in competition and it affects your brain. slow down and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. sounds funny but it helps.

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