So sick…

Oh gosh. I wish I hadn’t done that. I feel SO sick…You know on my background picture, there’s a picture of a little orange? Those are clementines. They are addicting. And I ate them. All of them. I ate all the clementines in the house. SO sick…I’m sitting down in the living room reading Breaking Dawn. And I had a parent-teacher-student conference. I got straight-A’s. SO embarrassing. :(!!!


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3 responses to “So sick…”

  1. claire moody says :

    Awwwwwwwww!!!!! Poor u! 🙂

    oh and this is claire m!!!@!:)

    • hungergameslover101 says :

      Yeah. I was SO sick. Hey, check out scary for kids!some of it’s really freaky though…u have the “DO NOT READ” list right? be careful what you read… ~XXXX (Me) i was just forced to take a bubble bath. 😦

  2. emily says :

    yeah poor u

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