SOS x5!!!!! >:'(

Okay, I really need somebody’s comment. My little brother Michael is VICIOUS. He whipped me with his hockey stick when I dropped a puck on the ice at our rink. Now I have a huge bruise. He lets his annoying friends hit me with hockey pucks. He throws snow in my glasses and he laughs when I cry. He is acting like a spoiled BRAT, for goodness’s sake! He mocks me, he hurts me, and he annoys me so much, I want revenge… Comment on a least two good ways to get revenge on him without him slapping me across the face with a butter knife. I need your help! He used to be the sweetest boy ever. He used to actually be LOVABLE! But ever since second grade, he is absolutely intent on ruining my life. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! 😦


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4 responses to “SOS x5!!!!! >:'(”

  1. Lynda says :

    Short of grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and throwing him up against the wall (NOT recommended!!! Although I actually did do this when he was hurting our little sister) I can’t help you. I will tell you that he sounds just like my brother Eric at that age. Eric used to kick me in the shins with his heavy engineer boots, and other dastardly things, then stand back and laugh at me like Felix the cat. Does it help to know that he will eventually grow out of this phase? πŸ˜‰ (Felix laugh)

    Thank you for visiting me today!

  2. Janine Pohlman says :

    you can just grab one of the hokey sticks and whip him like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! Serousiosly do it! After I read that about what he did I WOULD WANT TO SCREAM A BAD WORD AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (sorry about the yelling)
    Ella says: OMG, you’re a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  3. EllaTheAwesome says :

    Anyone else have advice? He’s gotten worse. I think he has a bad case of Jerkitis (no offense, mr. jerkatis [kindergarten teacher]. “jerkitis” is pronounced “JERK-ai-tiss”, not like “jerkatis” “JUR-kay-tis”).

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