The Truth About Santa (Not Recommended for Children Under Eleven)

So today, we went skating. My dad didn’t like when I fell over so much. Hey, yell at Isaac Newton for that one! So, what the world’s been waiting for… THE TRUTH ABOUT SANTA!

Y’know how Santa supposedly goes into houses to give kids stuff? That is INTRUDING!!!!!! He is disguising himself as a fat guy who likes candy so he can INTRUDE!!!! Oh, and supposedly “his” ELVES (who are an example of TAKING ADVANTAGE OF LABOR by Santa!!!!!!!!) build the toys. How does an elf build a Nerf gun? See? Santa cannot build that, so ……. Santa is a shoplifter!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

So, there’s the truth. I am NOT saying Santa is not real. NOBODY get me wrong. I’m just saying Santa is a shoplifting intruder who takes advantage of labor.  😉


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