2 days in one! Again…

Photo on 12-31-12 at 10.01 PMDECEMBER 30, 2012

Today I went to a friend’s house and PARTIED LIKE IT WAS 1999 ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! 😀 Sorry, I’m a huge party animal. I told everyone about my Frosty post and how it got a “like”. We played Apples to Apples. We remembered at a friend’s house, the word was “Chewy” and my friend Katie put down “Boy Scouts” and I put down “Nemo” as in the clownfish. “Nemo’s not chewy!”, giggled my friend Kai. “But he is if you fry him!”, piped in Joy, and we all cracked up. Nemo had won. :D!!!!! But during our real game, it wasn’t funny, but still fun. In the real game, the one in the present, not the past, the word was “Smelly”, and I put down “Collecting Shells”. “There you go”, I said proudly, having not read the card correctly. “‘Collecting Smells!'” “Um, ********** (my name),” said Joy, “that says ‘Collecting Shells, not Smells.” I burst out laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! 🙂

DECEMBER 31, 2012

Today we went to an ice rink, where the Chicago Blackhawks were practicing because of the NHL lockout and they wanted badly to improve. After they came out, Johnathan Toews (my HERO!!!! He is AWESOME! I was screaming in my head all day long and having a heart attack! He is SO nice! I even memorized his license plate because he is so awesome!) signed my T-Shirt, so did Bolland, and the new defenseman, plus one other guy who I forget. Hossa went around the other way. 😦 Oh, well. It’s OK, though, if you’re reading this, Marion Hossa. Then we filmed “The Hunger Games”, we’ve already got to the interviews with the Caesar guy, etc. Then to celebrate New Year’s, we visited my grandma for about ten minutes, then went home, played a board game, and stayed up late. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!


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