December 29, 2012

So, today one of my favorite things we did was going to the pool at The Peninsula. Of course, the Walnut Room holiday tree was awesome, and going up the eighth floor on an escalator was terrifying, but I remember the pool most. Probably because I got back from the pool five minutes ago. So, I cannonballed in, etc. I met two awesome kids from Kentucky, I tried to give Michael a ride on my back, but he said no. So I went in the hot tub, and relaxed. Then after a long time, it was time to go to our hotel room. We played a board game called “Dicecapades”, and I had to name 11 USA presidents. “Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Grover Cleveland, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Barack Obama, George Bush, The Other George Bush, and, um…” My mind had gone blank. My tongue was dry. I stared at the little hourglass. It was just on the verge of emptying. Time was almost empty. Think, I told myself, think!!! I’ve been naming these presidents barely anyone remembers, and – I  stopped short. Barely anyone remembers! Yes! That’s it! “James A. Garfield!”, I screamed just as the final grains fell out. It was amazing. I had screamed out the last answer at the last second. I had read in a book, no one really remembers President Garfield. Then we took a dinner break, and I refused to eat dessert because for three times now (ONCE was astonishing, I barely have an appetite!), I had eaten a whole meal. So anyways, Mom is forcing me to order a cookie. 😦 I’ve got to go. STUPID COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, that cookie was really, really good. 😛


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