Christmas! Sorry for the late post!

DECEMBER 25, 2012

Today is Christmas! Last night, I got a Nook and I can’t stop reading New Moon. We celebrated My-Hunger-Games-Obsession-1-Year-Anniversary! We opened presents, played Battleship, etc. Then we had a snowball fight against a family friend named Cason. Us kids teamed up against him, but our luck was cut short after the Whitewasher’s Phase. Uncle Nicholas, Eileen’s dad, teamed up against us – I barely escaped an ice blob down my shirt. We had so much fun, I didn’t even care my glasses got smeared! Then we slept over at my grandma’s – that’s why I couldn’t post soon enough.

DECEMBER 26, 2012

Today we spent the day at my grandma’s and played board games, we built a trap for my cousin, and….we went to the light show at the zoo! It was awesome. I really liked the lights that looked like they were falling! :O We saw a monkey exhibit (it was the OTTERS that smelled!) and a bat exhibit (I loved when the bats began fighting! 🙂 But that’s just me, none got hurt, rest assured). So anyways, I’ve got to go. ‘Bye! 😀

DECEMBER 27, 2012

Today I woke up and began scrapbooking all the Christmases since 2008. Then we went ice-skating on the rink and we accidentally broke it, sort of. After that, we printed out photos for the scrapbook and I glued them in. Soon after, I did my homework. 😦  At least the origin story was cool. 🙂 Then it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to a hotel, I MIGHT bring my laptop to post. I’ll give you pictures of the view so long as it doesn’t give away my location. So anyways, that was today. I hope our ice rink doesn’t break, I hope I can fit at least two years worth of Christmas into my scrapbook, etc. So anyways, I probably have to move. Some person’s knocking on our door because our doorbell’s been broken for going on three years or so, and I’m posting this on a staircase. 🙂 Bye!!!!!!!!!!!


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