One more thing

I also LOVE archery. 🙂ImageMom won’t let me get a real one. And I hate TV. And I love finger knitting. And check out my mani-pedi!ImageImageBye, world. 😀 All of these listed posts (One More Thing, Hair, and the other one) are on December 22, 2012.


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Read the book first and no one gets hurt.

3 responses to “One more thing”

  1. maddy says :

    I love your mani-pedi, xxxxxxxx! (i know your real name but i won’t say it) i also love your blog so much and i check it every day! see you aroud! (litterally( ; )

    -maddy (:

    • I.M. says :

      OMG Hi Maddy, My mom won’t let me say my name online but I but you know my initials (I.M.) I also know you too, girl who wrote this blog. Well I’ll see you around (literally)🐹. I.M. Out😎

  2. I.M. says :

    This blog is awesome!!!!!!! :-{D

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