December 23, 2012. Καλά Χριστούγεννα και ένα ευτυχισμένο Hannukah! (Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah!)

So the day started off normal. I woke up and went to church. Since there was no church in the downstairs chapel, we went to the upstairs chapel. Their narthex was huge, but crowded. We stayed for the whole long service. We heard a lot of sad stories about the meaning of Christmas, etc. Then we went home. Well, I went to Yiayia’s, or, Γιαγιά, which is Greek for grandma. We stayed an awfully long time, I fried clementines on a heater (they became ((yum!)) crispy and sour, crunchy and warm) , and waited for my mom to come get me. Then she came. I ate a slice of my gingerbread house. After a long time of slapping Ping-Pong balls with ruthless force and a wooden paddle, I decorated the gingerbread houses for our neighbors on the other block (by the way, they are sort of on our block, because we live on a double block) and our next-door neighbors. I did sort of sloppily on both, on accident. I walked down to both houses on a cold, dark, solemn, night, the perfect scenery to film a stalker movie. :O  I kept thinking I was going to feel a cold, heavy hand slap down on my shoulder. But it didn’t, thank goodness! 🙂  But then neither of my neighbors were there! SO I couldn’t run home to escape the cold. I had to calmly walk back, hearing a steady, solemn, almost horror-movie step…step…step…step… instead of a happier, much less steady smackSMACK! smackSMACK! smackSMACK! smackSMACK! of my loud, hand-me-down boots. Then I wrote dares on Jenga blocks (I’ll explain tomorrow). Here are the pictures of the most terrifying thing in my daily routine. Kinda creepy…it’s much scarier than the pictures because the streetlights cast eerie shadows and lights upon the sidewalk and streets. These are 3 different pictures.Photo on 12-23-12 at 6.40 PM #3Photo on 12-23-12 at 6.40 PM #2Photo on 12-23-12 at 6.40 PM #4


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