December 22, 2012 (the suspense of “Xmas” upcoming!)

Today I woke up bright and early. The sun was shining in my room, through the window facing east. I played on the computer a little, then we went to Target and bought things for our gingerbread houses (even the gingerbread was homemade!) We decorated it chaotically and soon, it looked like there was blood and dry milk on our gingerbread houses. The candy people were drowning in green icing (thank you Pillsbury for making the world a tastier place), and the candy dog was stuck to the door with yet more of the delicious concoctions made by Pillsbury. 😛 Yummy! Soon, Mom said we couldn’t eat any more. Oh, there was a little more before that, did I say? Well, I learned the meaning of “Xmas” (all credit to at ). So, we had gone outside. My older brother Thomas, and Michael were playing street hockey. I was sliding on the newly fallen snow. But when I was done rocking the mere tenth of a backyard we have (due to our…..ICE RINK THAT ISN’T FROZEN YET!!!!!! IT’S GONNA BE SO FUN!!!!! ;D Yeah!), I looked at the “cryptically frozen leaves captured inside our ice rink. They were frozen in the middle of the water, forever flying, never to rise or fall” (sorry I got a little dramatic there haha). I took pics on my phone and texted them to my uncle, best friend, and my dad. It looked so cool. I even found a leaf half above the surface, and peeled it out. It left a “fossil imprint”. Then we delivered gingerbread houses to our next-door neighbors. Thomas was saying, “This looks like a pile of candy instead of a gingerbread house!” Not to our neighbor’s face of course. But, it did. Take a look at OUR houses and just know, this does not show what I know in terms of artistic ability. Did you see my skirt? ImageHere’s our gingerbread houses – mine’s the one that looks bloody. I thought the icing was orange! 😦

ImageHere’s what happens when you let **** **** **** (substitute for my full name) loose on a snowy lawn,ImageAnd here’s our cryptic, blue, almost-frozen ice arena in the night (thank you Daddy for the flashlight, I woulda dropped my ‘puter, a word my LA teacher ((who has freedom in speech, FYI, and lets a 30-year-old man boss him around although he himself is like twenty years older than him)) says, without you Thank you)! Goodnight, world! Remember: this blog is as awesome as all of my fans are! No mean comments, I don’t like mean people! ;D


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