December 21, 2012 (4 days till Christmas! :D)

So we started off in LA. And NO, not Los Angeles, Language Arts. We played our homemade board games, and even though ours was never finished, the Greatest LA Teacher EVAH gave us a “4”, which is basically an “A”, on our game. Then we had math (we played computer games the whole time, it was epic!!!!) *<:D and science. We tested more boats, pendulums, catapults, and planes (pretty much NO ONE made a plane or pendulum) and then it was time for lunch. Mom, Michael, and I went out to Noodles & Co. (love your noodles, keep it up! 😛 ) and I ate it so fast, I got sick. Michael had to use the GIRLS bathroom and I called him Richelieu (pronounced Rish-loo, my grandma’s name, but pretty much no one knows it because her name is always confused with either her middle name or just a random Greek name) the rest of the time. Then……HOLIDAY PARTY!!!!! *<:D We made a quilt out of patches we designed, my mom considered shipping it to Sandy Hook Elementary (God bless those families and their children, parents, siblings, or friends in heaven) as a gift. Then we had a scavenger hunt. We had to find items for a skit. I had a whisk and six silver bells and pretended I was cooking “Edible Jingle Bells”. I just stuffed them in my pocket which happened to be on my stomach so I looked fat and hopped around, pretending I had actually eaten the bells. Then we had a White Elephant Exchange. I got a Monopoly card game and stupidly traded it for some bag. I really didn’t want that bag. So at the end of the day, after playing HedBanz or whatever and some sticker game where you had to find the rest of the song lines (mine was “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”), I just gave it to some kid and said, “Here’s a bag. Have fun”, while walking past her. She looked at me like I’d given her a dead raccoon. Then was my brother’s hockey game against the players’s dads after his baseball lesson. There was a party in the bar and then we went home. G’night! >:) Oh, and I also won the drawing contest…second place, same as Michael!!!!! 🙂


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