December 20, 2012

Today was…well, a day. We started off in LA, where we worked on our board game, and I forgot to bring our board game, Smarty’Stache. Then we had math which was normal. Science, we made boats out of aluminum foil, and put pennies in them until they sank. Mine held 112 pennies, it was one of the best!!! : D Oh and we had music and Spanish. We sang holiday songs, and we sang so many Christmas songs I suggested a Hannukah song (I’m not Jewish, but my friend Joy is and she was getting sick of Christmas songs) to even it all out. Then we went home, I had a piano lesson, then we watched “A Christmas Carol” and I showed Michael the best HISHE videos on Youtube (all credit to the owner, I luv the vids!!!) 😀 Then we went to bed. Catch ya later!


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One response to “December 20, 2012”

  1. FTSOA Blogger says :

    I ALSO WON THE SAME CONTEST AS MICHAEL! WE BOTH GOT SECOND PLACE, BLUE RIBBONS! 😀 By the way, this is my blog. I am his sister.

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