December 18, 2012

Today was pretty good. First was gym class, where (yuck!) I got UWH (Unidentified Wads of Hair) stuck to my shoe, yuck yuck yuck YUCK!!!! Then in gym class, three kids were misbehaving and we wasted ten minutes hearing our teacher lecture the whole class on “discipline” and “respectful treatment of others”. After that we had first period LA. Our teacher, who’s only PURE AWESOME, told the class we could work on our board game project due Friday. I’ve attached a picture. Then, SOME disrespectful kids (gee, I wonder what’s up with THAT? *sarcasm*) took more than ten minutes out of our recess. I meditated the whole time of recess. Presentations for our book reports, then it was lunchtime. Surprisingly, no one asked me for the cookies in my lunch. Then was math class. Fibonacci this, and multiply fractions that. AWESOME! Fourth period was a science test. It was pretty easy, but the graphs were unusually inaccurate, someone wrote on the dry-erase board with a Sharpie marker. And they SIGNED their artwork, too. Don’t need Sherlock Holmes for THAT mystery! ; D So, that’s all. Catch ya later!!!!!!!

And btw (by the way), cameras always show things BACKWARDS, so that bag does NOT say “oh oh oh.” It says, “ho ho ho”.

Photo on 12-18-12 at 4.00 PM


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